Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hope everyone is having a good week. Bobby and I have been busy getting ready for our move in a couple of weeks. For those who don't know, we are moving to Gonzales, TX next weekend. We bought a house there and are excited about moving closer to our families. I will start a new job as an associate dentist at a dental office in Gonzales the first week of June.

We took some time tonight away from packing to have dinner with Tiffany and our friend Robert. We headed out to Canyon Lake to a place called Plooky's Boiling Pot. I should have taken some pictures of this place. It is an old building with cement floors and no AC. It kind of reminds me of Pavlas Tavern in Moulton. This is what our food looked like when they threw it on the table. This is just one pile of it...crawfish, shrimp, corn, potatoes, and sausage...spicy.
This stuff is so yummy. Tiff an I got a medium batch and Bobby and Robert got theirs spicy. This stuff goes great with a good beer, and when you order a beer at this place, they bring it to you already in a koozie...its wonderful!
When we were all done, all that was left was a pile of shells and trash. After we were done eating, we were all picking on Robert because his pile was so much smaller than ours. He seemed to be eating as much as us though. Then we all realized that Robert was eating the shrimp WITH THE SHELL, so his pile had considerably less shells. I'm not kidding...with the shell! He would tear off the tails and eat the whole darn and all. We peeled some shrimp for him to show him how much yummier they were without the shell. I couldn't believe that in all of his 31 years on this earth no one told him to peel the shrimp before eating it! At least he asked Bob how to get into the crawfish. Needless to say, we picked on him the whole way home about pooping out those shells later. It's probably gonna hurt! Before we even got home, he was complaining that he thought he could feel the shells in his intestines. We'll check on him tomorrow....he might be in a little pain. Here is a pic of the final result.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

Today is Bobby's Birthday and he is 'stuck' in Holland without me! Here is a picture of him from last year when he went to Amsterdam. He is so cute!
He will be gone all week and I won't get to see him until Saturday night! I miss him terribly and although his Birthday is already over in Holland and he is sleeping soundly in his hotel room, I hope he had a wonderful birthday (7 hours ahead there). He is my rock, the love of my life and my best friend. He makes me laugh more and more every day, and I love him more all the time. He turned 33 today (don't tell him I told you!) and he gets better every year. Happy Birthday baby, I wish you many many more. I love you and miss you and can't wait for you to come home!
How can you not love this cute face!

Friday, May 2, 2008

TDA-Texas Meeting

Yesterday all of us girls from the office (minus Kaci--she is in VEGAS..lucky dog) headed over to San Antonio for the annual meeting of the Texas Dental Association. It is a 3 day meeting where a lot of classes are offered for all of us to meet our CE (continuing education) requirements for the year. Its also a chance to meet up with old friends. The thing that makes the TDA most fun is that we get to hang out with all the girls from the office for a sort of girls night out. We started the night out at Paloma's on the Riverwalk in San Antonio--and the food was yummy. I had some salmon and black beans...yummy.....oh and a few margaritas. Then we all headed over to Howl at the Moon. The place was packed. We hung out outside for a while drinking cheap beer and a few shots. The cheap beer was thanks to Maggie (who knew her old SWT ID would come in handy). I had a Jager bomb for the first and hopefully last was nasty...tasted like cough syrup. After we got tired of Howl at the Moon we all wanted to go dancing. We headed over to Polyesters.....and boy did we dance...all night long till 2 am. We had a blast and it was awesome to hang out with my girls like that before we move. I will definately miss them all like crazy.