Monday, June 30, 2008

Memorial Day Trip to Fredericksburg!

Ok. NO..I have not forgotten about my long lost blog. We have just been very very busy with moving and fixing up the house. I am going to attempt to catch up on a few events.

Memorial Day Trip to Fredericksburg

Over Memorial Day weekend I went on a little getaway to Fredericksburg to check out some of the wineries and shop with some of my friends from high school. I was lucky enough to graduate high school with some of the most wonderful friends anyone could ask for. A great time was had by all. We should really get together more often because we always have a blast when we do. We all live in different places with our families and different careers but, when we manage to get together it is definately time well spent.
Amy, Mandy, Tiff, Jenn and I take off from Moulton in Jenn's car (thanks for driving jenn) and start our journey to Fredericksburg wine country. You will see why I called it a journey in a moment. We planned on meeting Sherry and Krisie there because they were coming from the Austin area.
A, M, T, J and I somehow manage to stop in nearly every town on the way there. It took a little longer than expected but we were in uncharted territory.
We stopped in Gonzales to pick up some flip flops for me. You see, Bobby and I had just moved the day before and my stuff was scattered among several different locations..with my flip flops ending up in Bob's truck. Then, we decided we should probably have lunch. Opting out of a fast-food type lunch we ended up in Luling at Blake's. It was yummy. Now, with our tummies full we continue on our trip to San Marcos. We all decided it was a MUST that we stop at Wal-Mart there. I don't even remember what we needed; I think someone had forgotten a bathing suit but somehow we all ended up with new ones. Who would think that five 28 year olds would get so excited about buying new bathing suits at Wal-Mart! We again continued on our trip and this leg of the trip we made it a whole 1/2 block to the gas station parking lot where we found a tent sale of sorts. They were selling those cute purses/bags that look like animal print (zebra, giraffe, etc.) with different colors of trim. We looked for a few minutes and we all held off the urge to purchase one of these gems and continued on our way. We ended up on a road that followed the Blanco River. You would think that none of us had ever seen a river at all, much less one with water in it. We finally found a place to stop so we could "step" in. Granted, I'm not sure what town this was but, whatever, you get the idea.

An interesting thing happened at this "stop." Apparently, Amy is a great collector of rocks. While we were all frolicking around in the water, she was on the lookout for a 'great' rock; and boy did she find one. Jenn agreed to let her put it in the car and off we were, with wet feet and a new passenger...the rock.

Ok...once we get that rock loaded we are off again. You would think after all of this we would finally get to our destination, but no. We found one more stop- Luckenbach, Texas. No, no, Waylon and Willie were not there ...but we did find some of "the boys." We also managed to meet up with Sherry and Krisie.

Luckenbach was an interesting place to say the least. We all had a beer and bought some tshirts and koozies and we were on our way again. We finally made it to the wineries. We visited several and had a blast trying most of the wines. Here is a picture of all of us at the last winery we visited. Lots of wine was consumed and we all came home with many bottles.

We stayed one night in Fredericksburg and had alot of fun shopping and eating. Before we headed back home we stopped in for lunch at the Fredericksburg Brewing Company. Amy had a plate of traditional German food that appeared a little "risque" if you know what I mean. We also tried the "sampler" of their beers---YUCK!

We all had a great time! The ride home was less eventful. We were all tired and ready to get home. I can't wait for our next trip!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gonzales - house progress

Since Mel has forgotten about her blog, I hacked it again and decided to post some things.

We finally closed on our house in Gonzales on May 28th and it has been a construction project since then. How can I be PC about this... the previous owners' decorative tastes were not what Mel and I necessarily like. The first course of action was painting the walls in the bathroom to get rid of the lime green with ladybug trim. Yes...that is correct. We then tackled the kitchen and removed the wall paper and painted the cabinets white with green tea walls. Sounds elegant, but we still have the hideous brown 1975 model sink. I can't believe people back then thought that looked good. I guess in 30 years, they will say the same about our decor now. We disliked the living room walls and the paint scheme in the hallways, so I floated the lines in the paneling making the wall smooth. Next i textured the walls in the living room with my brother's texturing gun. It turned out to be a light Monterrey finish. I think it is ok for my 1st time. We also decided that the carpet in the living room and halls was beyond salvaging, so I ripped it out and we got ole Steve from Gonzales building center coming next week with new tile and carpet. I have to have the walls finished and the entryway that I want to move done by next Wed. so I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Come by in a couple weeks and the house will look 100% better. :)

we'll slap up some before and after pix soon.