Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two Weeks Old

February 23, 2010
Today my baby girl is two weeks old. I cannot believe that two weeks have passed since she was born.  She has changed so much already and we fall more in love with her every day.  I am loving every moment of motherhood so far....yes, even the late night feedings.  I do not want to take one moment for granted and I try to cherish that special time we have together in the middle of the night. Camille is starting to develop quite the personality and we are learning to figure her out day by day. We are really getting to know miss Camille quite well and are loving every minute of it!  Everyone still says she looks just like her daddy and I have to agree that she really does!

Here are some of the things we have done this week:

February 18th:  Bobby went back to work today leaving me all alone with Cami for the first time all day long.  It went well although it was much more fun with Bobby here.

February 19th: We took Camille to her very first basketball game in Moulton (my old gym). Uncle Brady's team (Shiner) played Flatonia…it was a very close game, but Shiner lost in overtime. I never wanted to be one of those parents that stayed home all the time with my baby and never went anywhere but I am not sure that a basketball game this early was such a good idea. I was so worried it was too loud for her, but she slept thru the whole game! I kept her hands over her ears anyway though…just in case!

*her umbilical stump fell off earlier today too--not sure why I want to document this, but I thought I might want to remember when one day.

February 23rd: Today we went to the Dr. for Cami's 2 week appointment. She had her heel pricked for a screening, she weighed 9 lbs 2 oz...almost a whole pound gained since last week..yikes! Dr. said Cami is looking healthy! We talked to Dr about Cami having gone 2 whole days without pooping…he said to dilute her formula a little and we could give you her an ounce of apple juice in her bottle to get things moving if needed.

-newborn diapers
-newborn size clothes
-2-3 oz every few hours when bottle fed
-still waking up 2-3 times a night to eat
-When you stretch (and you stretch a lot), you kick your head back and you make the funniest/cutest scrunched up face. You make a lot of faces but this one is consistently the same!
- when we try to burp you, you get so mad and try to fight it every time…you don’t want to stop eating for one second!
-when we are holding you with you head on our shoulder, you often fold your little hands under your chin and rest on them
-when I breast feed you, you will often pull on your ears or play with your hair in the back..its so cute
-you have this fake cough that you do before you cry when you want something
-you have been a very good baby…you only cry when you are hungry or wet most of the time
-you like to be patted on your behind…HARD
-when we lie you on your back you always roll towards your side…making it very hard to dress you or change your diaper
-when you sneeze you almost always sneeze 3 times
-you very seldom spit up

Random Pictures from this week:

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