Monday, September 14, 2009

Good Day Sunday!

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty darn good day! First of all and probably most important in our house right now is that the Cowboys came through with a WIN!! We had a good day lounging around, being lazy and watching football most of the day. I was a little productive when I finished cleaning out the rest of the closets to make room for baby stuff. Next on the agenda is cleaning out the baby room. I don't think we are the only people who have a room that somehow becomes the 'junk' room. At least I hope we are not...please tell me we are not! We have not used this room for much of anything since we moved in except to collect all the stuff we are too lazy to find a place for. With the baby on the way the room is getting a much needed cleaning and makeover. I won't post before pics before we clean because lets face is too embarrassing...and I don't get embarrassed easily. The other really exciting thing that happened yesterday is that I ordered the furniture for the baby's room. I found a set I really loved a while back at JC Penney. We were planning on waiting a little longer to order since we didn't even have the room ready to put it in. However, I was looking online and found out it was on SALE!! We couldn't resist and ordered it yesterday. I am so excited to get it in and to get the room all ready for the little one. Here are some pictures of the furniture...we ordered the crib, dresser and changing table in the espresso (dark) wood color shown. They show the crib with girly bedding but it looks equally as cute with boy bedding depending on what we have! Now we just have to wait untill our sonogram on Friday to decide on bedding!


Jocelyn said...

Very cute furniture!

Jenny Popp said...

I had this exact same furniture picked out from there. Needless to say, I love it!